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Rod Library’s mission is to empower and inspire our community to discover, imagine, create, and innovate. The Rod Library Strategic Plan 2018-2023 is centered around UNI’s four strategic goals, shown below, and aligns with the library’s mission, vision and values. For each goal, the library has created several strategic initiatives that will guide our decision making and activities for the next five years.

We invite you to explore the library’s strategic plan here or view our text-based plan (PDF).

Unifying Goal: Student Success

  • Employ students and interns in authentic, meaningful work experiences that will prepare them for life and careers after UNI.
  • Enhance library spaces to contribute to student learning and reflect curricular changes.
  • Provide information literacy instruction to prepare students to work, contribute, engage, and grow in a global society.
  • Provide high quality and economically responsible resources to students, staff, and faculty to support their teaching, learning, scholarship, service, and creative endeavors.
  • Encourage, promote, and showcase student and faculty work to highlight its quality, variety, and contribution.

Supporting Goal 1:

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Build and assess collections that reflect our diverse community.
  • Recruit, hire, and retain diverse faculty, staff, and student employees.
  • Increase cultural competency of all library employees to create an inclusive organization.
  • Improve the accessibility and inclusivity of library resources spaces and technology.
  • Provide inclusive programming in collaboration with university groups and organizations.

Supporting Goal 2:

Campus Vitality

  • Actively participate in concerted fundraising efforts to expand, improve, preserve, and maintain Library resources, services, spaces, and technology.
  • Develop opportunities for and encourage employee and student well-being.
  • Maintain, review and improve Library services and procedures, seeking efficient, effective, and sustainable methods.
  • Develop and implement a holistic approach to becoming a learning organization.

Supporting Goal 3:

Community Engagement

  • Build and strengthen external relationships through university collaborations and community partnerships.
  • Expand the reach of Rod Library and the quality of our resources and services through participation in consortia, professional organizations, and other inter-library groups.
  • Encourage the community to use our spaces and services.
  • Develop an effective structure to support and coordinate community engagement and volunteer work.
  • Provide library-related community engagement experiences for student workers, interns, library ambassadors, and volunteers.