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Supporting Goal 2: Campus Vitality

Enhance resource and facility development to provide an enriched campus life experience which is both environmentally and fiscally responsible.
Strategic Initiatives Metrics
2.1 Actively participate in concerted fundraising efforts to expand, improve, preserve, and maintain Library resources, services, spaces, and technology.
  • Amount of money raised, including successful grants
  • Number of avenues of fundraising
2.2 Develop opportunities for and encourage employee and student well-being.
  • Amount of participation in library-sponsored health and wellness activities
  • Number of programs offered in or by the library, such as Pet Pals, suicide prevention training, and flu shots
2.3 Maintain, review and improve Library services and procedures, seeking efficient, effective, and sustainable methods.
  • Satisfaction with targeted services and procedures
  • Usage of targeted services and procedures (could compare to hours required to implement, financial cost, etc., as appropriate)
2.4 Develop and implement a holistic approach to becoming a learning organization.
  • Attendance at or participation in conferences and professional development sessions by faculty and staff both on-campus and off-campus
  • New initiatives or changes to existing processes or services as a result of professional development