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Supporting Goal 3: Community Engagement

Create opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to build external relationships that enhance local and global learning experiences and contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of the Cedar Valley and Iowa.
Strategic Initiatives Metrics
3.1 Build and strengthen external relationships through university collaborations and community partnerships.
  • Number of external relationships and collaborations
  • Quality of collaborative relationships as rated by library and external partners
3.2 Expand the reach of Rod Library and the quality of our resources and services through participation in consortia, professional organizations, and other inter-library groups.
  • Cost-savings or efficiencies achieved through organizational memberships or consortial licensing/contractual agreements
  • Number of titles or volumes accessible or acquired through licensing or contractual agreements with fellow members of consortia
3.3 Encourage the community to use our spaces and services.
  • Knowledge level of library spaces and services among identified community subgroups
  • Use of library spaces (reservations) and resources (circulation/access counts) by non-UNI patrons
3.4 Develop an effective structure to support and coordinate community engagement and volunteer work.
  • Faculty/staff satisfaction with coordination of community engagement and volunteer work
  • Participation in community engagement and volunteer opportunities
3.5 Provide library-related community engagement experiences for student workers, interns, library ambassadors, and volunteers.
  • Number of community engagement experiences reported
  • Percentage of student employees participating in community engagement experiences