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Unifying Goal: Student Success

Develop and support engaged learning experiences, dynamic and high-quality academic programs, and outstanding faculty and staff to foster student success.
Strategic Initiatives Metrics
U.4 Employ students and interns in authentic, meaningful work experiences that will prepare them for life and careers after UNI.
  • Job/grad school placement rates (including field information) for student assistants and interns
  • Number of positions that include higher-level work
  • Skills developed by student workers (as reported on student exit survey)
U.1 Enhance library spaces to contribute to student learning and reflect curricular changes.
  • Number of patrons using identified library spaces and services.
  • Student satisfaction with library spaces, specifically related to learning/curricular needs
U.2 Provide information literacy instruction to prepare students to work, contribute, engage, and grow in a global society.
  • Classes (and level, elective/mandatory status, etc.) within each major/department that come through any part of the instruction program
  • Student information literacy competency (as measured in student assessments and through qualitative feedback from professors)
U.3 Provide high quality and economically responsible resources to students, staff, and faculty to support their teaching, learning, scholarship, service, and creative endeavors.
  • Student, staff, and faculty satisfaction with library resources (availability; accessibility; ease of use; economic questions; relevance to teaching, learning, scholarship, service, and creative endeavors; etc.)
  • Use of library resources (material and non-material) compared to format variety/disciplinary coverage
U.5 Encourage, promote, and showcase student and faculty work to highlight its quality, variety, and contribution.
  • Number of exhibits and events showcasing student and faculty work
  • Number of student and faculty works collected and their use